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Making the choice to begin therapy is a big step. The mere idea of change can be a scary and intimidating one. I am here to  support you through this journey. 

Explore Intimacy

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a branch of therapy in which a licensed healthcare provider helps clients to address any emotional or mental roadblocks that are causing, or are related to sexual issues. A Certified Sex Therapist will have specialized training in sexual health and sexual problems. Sex therapy can include individual, or partners therapy in the resolution of sexual difficulties, such as performance anxiety, or various other intimacy, sexuality or gender issues. 

It’s important to know that sex therapy sessions never involve any physical contact or sexual activity between client(s) and therapist.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions between the client and therapist to address, and explore various aspects of the individual's life. This process can assist the client in changing behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that create challenges or distress. 

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Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

- Brené Brown

Getting Started

1. Initial Consult

If you would like to schedule, or have more questions about the process, send me a message or give me a call so that we can schedule a brief phone consult to see if we are a good fit for one another. 

2. Complete New Client Forms

Once you decide you're ready, and we have scheduled your session, I’ll send you my new client forms to complete prior to our first session.

3. First Session

If you have scheduled a virtual session, I will email you a meeting invite the morning of our session. The initial session is a lot of information gathering. We will discuss more about what brought you to therapy, and what may have led to this point. We will also address your goals and expectations for this process. This is also an opportunity for you to get a feel for my personality and therapeutic style.  


Let's start this journey together!

If you're ready, let's get started! What are you waiting for?

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