Frequently asked questions

  1. What is therapy?
    Therapy provides a safe space to express yourself, resolve problems, and achieve your goals. Sometimes this is done through discussing and processing your emotions, behavioral changes, and even homework. Just remember, we are working together as a team to create the best path to achieve your goals.
  2. Do you accept insurance?
    I do not go through any insurance or any third-party payors nor do I complete any third-party forms. I do not wish to share any information about your private counseling experience with others, including insurance companies.
  3. How long does a session last and what are your rates?
    Each session is scheduled for 50 minutes at $150 per session. My rate is the same for individual and couples sessions. Rates adjust according to session length. I may consider scheduling longer sessions upon request.
  4. Are there limits to confientiality?
    Exceptions to confidentiality include the following: - When a client is at risk of imminent harm to themselves or others. - Reporting abuse/neglect of a minor, elderly or disabled person. - By a court-ordered subpoena. - Sexual misconduct between a therapist & their client.
  5. Will the things I discuss in therapy be kept private?
    As a therapist, confidentiality is a respected part of my code of ethics. It is important for you to feel comfortable talking about your personal information, without fear of that information leaving the room. Your privacy is taken very seriously.